my awsome rocket

Hi my name is Maor and we had a project about rockets. In the project we got to make are owne rocket out of  paper and thay were awsome some of the rockets flue so far. My rocket flue pretty high. In this project I learned lift and the four forces of flite. Next time im going to talk more aboute the four forces of flite and talk aboute more parts of my rocket

mishapcha project

For this project I learned aboute my family history.I created a slide show aboute my family. I learned that my family is is from alot of different countries romania, Israel, Canada, russia, and poland   My name is Maor, Maor it means light.


this is my link for my project


Egghead Wordle

Why are these words important to the story? 


Underwear- Shane beats Will  up and then puts him in his underwear

Injuries- Will gets injured when he fell from skiing

Turtleneck- Shane makes fun of the turtleneck the will has

Friendship -Katie and Will have a good friendship

Bullying- Shane and brad bully will 

High schoo-l the book takes place in a high school

Bullying- Will all wess gets bullied

Sad- will is very sad he gets bullied

Worrying – Katie worries when will gets bullied

Jenna- Katie’s friend and a bystander

Bystander- Jenna Isabella

Accident- when Will was in a coma

Disappointed- Katie and Will are disappointed at the end

Katie- one of Wills friend and one of the main characters

Samurai Ant- there’s a whole page about

Abuse- Riley abuses Shane and that’s why he bullies Will

Mad- Shane and Brad are always mad

Science Fair- one off the most important thing in the story

Devan- a bystander and the main character

Will- the kid who gets bullied

Why did you choose to make your word college? Because I  love word collages.

If you were doing this project again, how could you make it better?I think I would make a better font for the word collage and add more details.

What would you do differently next time? Add more details and  make a better font.