tinker cad rocket

On this assignment,  we made a rocket from a website called tinkercad.  Tinkercad is a wesite that you make 3d objects like a rocket or  a driedal. My rockets name is rocket with sneakers. Here is the link for my project:


my winterbreak

On my winter break I went skating alot with my family and my cousins. We also went sledding at Bruce Pit. It was a lot of fun. I watched many movies like 6 Underground and the new Wonder Woman. When there was no snow outside, I would play soccer on my trampoline. I bounced as high as a bouncy ball rocketing off of the floor. 

I also played lots of video games like Fortnite, FIFA 21, and NHL 21 with my friends. The best part of this break was playing video games and staying up late. On New Years Eve, I even stayed up until 12:05 A.M. Also when I was bored I would hula hoop for a long time. The hula hoop spun around me like a dreidel

 Sometimes I would also visit my grandma. We played games for hours together. I really enjoyed spending time with her.