My Dream Vacation

For  this assignment I worked on a project about sensory languge we had to draw our dream vacation.  I drew a cruise even though I  went on one before. As we learned in Mr. Washerstein’s class,  “A proficient author will use the five senses to describe scenes using vivid adjectives”.


For next time Iwould do my project  about a country that I never went to . here is what i wrote.


My dream vacation is a cruise.when i got on the bout i went to get a towel to go down the water slide just when i was going up for my second time bam i stepped in glass  it felt like being bit by a dog. After I went to a restaurant, my drink was the smell of the clouds and my burger was delicious. As I went to the soccer field the wind was blowing faster than the speed of light. then it was time for lunch. I took my favorite meal, which was nachos. The jalapeno were spicier than a ghost pepper. We went to our room to rest for awhile. The next day I played mini putt . It was so fun. I heard  a baby scream from all the way in the pool.


There was a acade it was super fun. I played all the games then got myself a pina colada our bout stopped when we were in Honduras. I went snorkeling there and saw a stingray. It was so big.i saw so many nurse sharks they have the best quesadillas i ate five of them it got late so we went back to the bout are next stop was mexico i saw so many monkeys but the worst part was the mosquitoes there were so much  i went to this cool cave that had crystals and the water was so cold there was this really scary high thing i jumped from it. It was awesome. After they gave us these yummy treats. We went back to the cruise in a bus. When we were heading to Miami to go back home I went on the water slide one more time. At the top I saw my whole family. This was the  best vacation ever.

maor talks sports youtube

For my elective I made a YouTube Chanel called Maor talks sports. Every week I am going to make a video About top three best sports highlights  or top five funniest sports clips. go check out my chanel here is the link