Innovation day

  • Innovation  day is a time when you have to make a project that includes science and it’s really fun

I had steam fair and my project was how to train a dog to play minecraft. It was a very hard project. I learned about this psychologist named B.F. Skinner and he made this kind of test. But B.F. Skinner  used to  punish the dog if they wouldn’t do it by giving tham in elictric shock them. My project was really hard and the dog couldn’t Press the button.but we taught the dog the commands.

I learned that its not easy to train a dog especially puppies

Be The Quote

I am doing the quote “wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing, it right is right even if no one is doing it.”  It means to me that if someone is doing something wrong, it doesn’t  mean you have to do it too. For example,  just because someone is playing games in class doesn’t mean the whole class can play games. I have seen this quote in action when I saw my brother watching YouTube on his computer  instead of studying which was wrong and then I did it too. I got in trouble for that. If I could go back in time, I would do my work, which is right, even if I was the only one.

Student Vote

 What do you do in a student vote? A student vote is a chance for students to vote. The day of the student vote my job was a poll clerk. I was responsible of giving the vote card. I researched the Conservative Party. I learned that the Conservative government would focus on green technology and Conservatives like immigration. They also think immigration is essential to Canada. I learned that counting ballots are harder than  you think because you can get mixed up. The Conservative won with 16 votes in our school.  In Canada the Liberals won. I was not surprised that the Liberals won. The student vote was very fun. Here is a link for the leaders and  parties of Canada