My Science fair project

for the month of March, our class has been working on our science fair projects. my partner and I made a cornhole with our own twists and turns. we made a cornhole for our gym bc our equipment is getting old and we needed to freshen them up. before the science fair, I was a little bit nervous and excited because last year I won 3rd place. my biggest challenge throughout the process was when I painted the cornhole. (I will never tell a painter that it is easy again)


if you want to see our project click this link


our project verito

in the past couple of weeks, our class has been working on a project when we make our own city. our city was called Verito, because verito in Latin means green. Students had their own roles, the five roles are

  • Secretary of Energy  How will you power your city?
  • Secretary of the Interior-  How will you make sure nature (green space) is incorporated, preserved, and encouraged in your city?
  • Secretary of Transportation-How will you help your citizens move around (travel) in a sustainable way?

Secretary of Waste Management-How will you encourage recycling and reduce waste in your city?

 My role was the secretary of waste management.


did you know that every year, more than 2 billion tonnes of rubbish are discarded? The majority of it is not composted or recycled. This trash is disposed of at landfills. Don’t forget to take rubbish, recycling, food waste, and human waste into account.

système solaire


À la fin de notre unité sur le système solaire, Mme Sylvie, notre prof de français, m’a demandé de créer une affiche sur le système solaire en utilisant CANVA Par la suite, il fallait que j’apprenne par cœur cinq faits importants pour présenter au groupe. Cliquer sur le lien pour visionner mon proiet






my candle holder

in Science class, we were assigned to use a website called tinkercad to make a 3D candle holder for our

Hanukkah festival at the school. we had to choose one Jewish person for our design, and the Jewish person I chose was black widow/ Scarlett Johansson.  I chose Black Widow because she is one of my favorite super heroes.
here is my candleholder image.png


Mega City Project

In Social Studies we have been learning about megacities. These are cities with a population of more than 10 million. At the end of the unit, we had a project where we had to choose one megacity and talk about three growth factors, three problems the city faces, and three solutions. The city I chose was Sao Paulo, Brazil.  somethings thing I learned about Sao Paulo is that the main export of Sao Paulo is coffee. In 2018, Sao Paulo sold 35.2 million 60 kg of coffee, equal to 5.1 billion USD in revenues. another thing I learned is that there are over 200 communities in Sao Paulo.

and the last thing I learned is that 40 percent of Sao Paulo’s population lives in favelas or shanty houses.




for hebrew we had to make a google slides about what we want to do this year here is my slides


our S.T.E.A.M fair project

For my STEAM fair project this year  I did water filtration. When we were 1 week in the STEAM fair and I was very nervous becuase miguel my partner told me that he was going to vagas for one week. That means that I have to do the project alone for a week, I thought that this will go really wrong but it ended up being great I got all the work done!

After that week was over me and miguel only had our conclusion left and then we had to build our filter.

For our filter we used many materials, we used sand for the top, a layer of filter paper, 2 layers of cotton balls and at the bottom lots of cheese cloth.  Our project ended of to be a success we got our water to be very clean. A total tps of 80! Miguel and I were very happy!

We ended up getting 3rd place in our class and getting a bronze medal.

here is my partners blog so you can see his post too!


Here is the link for our video if you want to see         

My Learning Style

In todays class we were doing a learning style kind of test and at the end what ever you circled the most from a,b and c is how you learn. For A it was a visual learner, for B it was an auditory learner and for C it was a tactile/ kinesthetic learner. I circled b  9 times and for A I circled 4 times. c I circled 7 times. So I got auditory learner, alot of it is true but some of them i dont do like make noises when im alone or talk or randomly talk to myself.

what quality’s do you look in for freinds

What qualities do you look for in your friends? Choose one of these qualities a friend has, and explain in detail why you admire it.


I admire friends who are supportive. This quality is important because it means that they will like me for who I am. They will also be there when I want to chase my dreams and when I go through hard times. They will cheer me up. Whenever we have water breaks my team always talks about what we want to be when we’re older and when I say that I want to be a soccer player my friend says that he believes in me.

pharagragh of the week, what book or movie had a significant impact on me

What book/movie or TV show has had a significant impact on you, so much so, that if you never read/watched it, you might be a different person? Explain why it is so meaningful. 


The movie that had a significant impact on me is a houlacoust movie. It showed me how bad it really was to the jews at the time. if i wouldn’t have watched it would change me because i would probably say that it wasn’t that bad now i realized how horrible they got treated.