our S.T.E.A.M fair project

For my STEAM fair project this year  I did water filtration. When we were 1 week in the STEAM fair and I was very nervous becuase miguel my partner told me that he was going to vagas for one week. That means that I have to do the project alone for a week, I thought that this will go really wrong but it ended up being great I got all the work done!

After that week was over me and miguel only had our conclusion left and then we had to build our filter.

For our filter we used many materials, we used sand for the top, a layer of filter paper, 2 layers of cotton balls and at the bottom lots of cheese cloth.  Our project ended of to be a success we got our water to be very clean. A total tps of 80! Miguel and I were very happy!

We ended up getting 3rd place in our class and getting a bronze medal.

here is my partners blog so you can see his post too! https://miggyojcs.edublogs.org/


Here is the link for our video if you want to see         

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