My Memoir

I chose my topic becuase my mom getting a cencussion is one of the wrost things that ever happend to me.

I knew that i chould talk alot about what happend and how it happend to her. When my mom got a cencussion it changed every thing becuase we couldint read and watch any shows together and it changed me becuase I am allways bye my self and doing stuff alone becuase for so long I couldint do anything with my family.The readear should learn to always be safe with what you eat and spend every secend of your life with your family becuase you never know  or when something bad will strike your family. If you want to read my memoir

All I could hear was screaming. I woke up in Cuba in a hotel with my brother and dad. Everyone woke up and my dad rushed to my mom’s room. I was continuing to wake up and was scared because I didn’t know what had happened. My brother and I were left in our room, and my dad came back and said mommy is bleeding and we’re going to the hospital. He told us he was taking her to the hospital and we had to stay in the room. I wasn’t allowed to go to the hospital. I was still feeling scared and I didn’t really know what to do. I wanted to help, but I couldn’t. I could see the pain in her eyes. My sister was there to tell me that everything was going to be okay. This was the most worried I had ever been about my mom before. 

My dad came back at 10:00-11:00 AM and my mom had received stitches. I was less worried hearing that she was okay. My mom continued to rest in her room during the rest of the vacation. Toward the end of the week I saw her. When I saw her I gave her a hug it felt like hugging a cloud. My brother and I went for a swim and we had coca cola in a coconut.

The nurse would check on her daily to see if she was feeling better.When she was outside she would always wear sunglasses because the sun would hurt her eyes. When it was time to come back home she was nervous because she didn’t know yet that she got a concussion and it’s dangerous to fly on a plane if you have a concussion. A couple days later my mom went to see a doctor. The doctors did an MRI and it was confirmed that my mom had a concussion from falling as a result of food poisoning .For more  than a month my mom was on bedrest. When she was on bedrest she was sitting in her room for the whole day with the blinds off. she wasn’t able to go on screens. She would always rest If she would get out of her room she would wear sunglasses. My sister  and I would help her by making food for her and getting her tea or coffee. We tasted the food first to see if it was good and the tea smelled refreshing . My dad would also help with the food we would also help by staying quiet so she could rest. she would recover a little bit  every day and rest and rest till the  concussion was going away.  Suddenly she would be able to look outside and not have to wear sunglasses. She was able to go on her phone and watch television. She was able to make her own food and she went back to do her job teaching kids. And she drove her car. I spent much more time with her than before. We would watch shows, read books. It went back to normal just how it was before we left to go on our vacation.

 My mom still has some side effects like migrain to stop that when she is on screens she has special glasses that don’t hurt her eyes or give her headaches. I never had a concussion before but if  I get one I know now what it would be like.

This experience taught me to be careful with what I eat and ask if it’s safe to eat.this experience also taught me to always try to enjoy life as much as possible because you never know what will happen and when something bad will happen.I chose this memoir because my mom getting a concussion is one of the worst experiences of my life. I still think about it often and it made me think about my life differently. I hope this doesn’t happen again and no one  will  ever have to go through this experience.